The attorneys at Afonso Archie & Foley provide experienced and unmatched representation to parents, foster parents, children, caretakers and families involved in all matters brought by the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly the Division of Youth and Family Services or DYFS now DCPP). We understand that these matters are emotional and often very complicated.

DCPP/DYFS is a powerful organization that can possibly ruin your life and divide your family. What may have started off as a small incident or a misunderstanding can be blown out of proportion, leading you to be locked “into the system.”

Your best chance of success may depend on the experience of the lawyer you choose and how soon you hire one. Having an aggressive DCPP/DYFS lawyer on your side is a beneficial investment as waiting could possibly cost you everything.

Our office has over 100 combined years of experience handling DCPP/DYFS matters.  Eric Foley is a former Deputy Attorney General who prosecuted DCPP/DYFS cases for many years after completing clerkship’s for Judges who presided over DCPP/DYFS cases. In addition, Special Counsel to our office, Octavia Melendez, J.S.C. Ret., is a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge who presided over thousands of DCPP/DYFS cases while on the bench. With this kind of experience, our lawyers bring a unique perspective that they bring to representing clients in this area of the law.

There is no greater power or intrusion than the State government interfering with family affairs. If you are subject to NJ DCPP/DYFS interference, we are the only law office in New Jersey to call. With two former DCPP/DYFS Deputy Attorney Generals and a former DCPP/DYFS Judge, why call anyone else?

Call the Law Offices of AFONSO ARCHIE & FOLEY 24/7 for a DCPP/DYFS defense consultation with the best NJ DCPP/DYFS law firm.

Physical Abuse Allegations

Sexual Abuse Allegations

Substance Abuse Allegations

Failure to Protect Allegations

Environmental Neglect Allegations

Educational Neglect Allegations

Emotional Abuse Allegations

Domestic Violence Allegations

Child Neglect Allegations

Inadequate Supervision Allegations

Mental Health Allegations

** Parent’s Handbook

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